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Our team researches all the latest trending fashions and compiles a list of what is hot for this season.  We then send out our buyers to find vendors who are willing to supply exactly what we are looking for.  We buy HUGE quantities at MASSIVE discounts and then pass all those savings on to you.

Designers & Researchers

We have an in house team of talented designers and fashion researchers whose only mission is the stay on top of the latest trends from the worlds best brands.  They then compile a wish list of the best and latest in womens, mens and childrens fashion.

Buyers & Inventory Managers

Our buyers take the list given to them from the research team and get to work.  They travel all over the world directly to the manufacturers and negotiate the best pricing possible for a high volume purchase.  Only companies with the highest quality standards are even considered!

Quality Checkers & Experience

When the product is finally shipped to us we organize and categorically check each item to ensure that every piece is perfect.  Once we are sure that every item is ready for you, we organize a huge sale to get those savings to you as soon as possible.

What We Stand For


Something for everyone

We strive to stock items for Men, Women & Children of all shapes and sizes and to suit every budget.

Quality Control

We want to bring you the best.  We do not settle, we strive to achieve excellence in everything we do.

Our Ethics

We only deal with companies and businesses that have strict adherence to universal standards of ethical practices.  We strive to create sustainability in everything that we do.

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Stay with us to find out when we will be in your city.  We hate spam too!  We will only email you when we have something really important to tell you!

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